BibleMax Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd

BibleMax Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd 1.0

BibleMax module featuring Shpeherd's Historical Atlas
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William Robert Shepherd, an important American cartographer and historian, was born in California in 1871. He studied at Columbia University, and then became a professor himself, teaching at the same University. He is considered as one of the most important scholars and an american authority on Latin American and European studies. Nevertheless, he is best known for his Historical Atlas, published in 1911. In this work, Shepherd features more than a hundred maps showing different historical stages in human history, for example, the development of the Roman Empire, the political division of Europe in the Middle Age, the Carolyngian and Byzantine Empires, and so on. Shepherd died in Berlin, Germany, in 1934.

Now BibleMaximum offers this important work as a module for their BibleMax software. You can use this module for having a visual reference of the historical facts mentioned in the Bible and in the history of Christianity. Also, you can print and export the maps to another program for illustrating essays and other works.
You can get this huge map collection, along with many Bible versions, commentaries, devotionals and other texts by ordering the free CD and paying only the duplication, printing, postage and handling costs.

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  • Comprehensive
  • Historically useful
  • Maps are printable and exportable


  • It only works with BibleMax software
  • Can be obtained only by ordering the free CD
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